Raise Report: National MS Society & A Running Start Foundation

I’m running the Chicago Marathon on October 10 to support US Empowered, so it’s time to resurrect this blog to thank you for your generosity in supporting my past causes & tell you a little bit about the experiences. I’m headed out to do some fund raising shortly, so I’ll keep this brief and add more detail later.

Last summer, I did the Cape Cod Getaway Bike Ride in June to support the National MS Society and was training for the New York City Olympic-distance triathlon in July to support A Running Start Foundation.

The Cape Cod Getaway was a one or two day ride, with an option of riding 75 or 100 miles the first day and 75 miles if you continued the second day. My team was generously sponsored by FLIR, my employer at the time. My team mates, from left to right below, were Greg, myself, Joe, Cheryl, Ralph, and official FLIR Sport Princess, Kristin.

Greg, Rob Campbell, Joe, Cheryl, Ralph, Kristin

I had never ridden more than 30 miles before this, so of course I opted for the 100 the first day. I was able to stick with Ralph – who is a machine and trains with TriFury – most of the way. I struggled at the end but survived.

Joe, Kristin, Ralph, and myself stuck it out the second day, spending the night at the Maritime Academy just before crossing onto Cape Cod proper.

The Hardcore Four

Ralph and Joe got an early start. Kristin and I set out together and separated about half way. It was quite a bit harder the second day, and I was feeling something funny in my right foot. I’d had images of myself on the beach in Provincetown after the finish, but it was cloudy and cool and we were all ready to get home. Great time. But that foot just didn’t feel right.

I gave myself two weeks of no training to to recover from the foot injury, then went for a little run. It felt like it was one fire. I went to the doctor, was diagnosed with tendinitis (the one along the arch of the foot), and was prescribed no running and no riding with clips for five weeks. Didn’t he know I had a triathlon to train for? And race?!

Ralph had experience with injuries that he didn’t let fully heal and so constantly recurred, so he recommended following doctor’s orders. I was disappointed, but I did, hoping I’d feel dramatically better in time to run the New York City Triathlon in support of A Running Start. Unfortunately, I didn’t and had to bow out.

Still, what’s most important is the generosity of all of you in supporting the National MS Society and A Running Start. With your help, I raised $750 for NMSS and $1850 for A Running Start. My fund-raising page for A Running Start is still active, so if you’d like to make a donation, head on over. It’s a great program and it would be greatly appreciated and put to good use.

Next up: Running the Chicago Marathon on October 10 to support Urban Students Empowered!

Thanks again for your support.

Rob Campbell

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